"The image, in its simplicity, has no need of scholarship. It is the property of a naive consciousness; in its expression, it is youthful language."

--Gaston Bachelard,
The Poetics of Space (xix).



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My recent book, Non-Discursive Rhetoric: Image and Affect in Multimodal Composition, provides thetheory that much of my other work relies on to proceed: namely, a writing theory that de-priveledges discursive symbolization, re-authorizes the importance of emotions and the affective domain, and proposes a writing theory based not primarily on the printed word but on image.

You can get a preview from the publisher (SUNY Press) here.

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Joddy R Murray, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and New Media

English Department, Texas Christian University
2800 South University Dr
Fort Worth,
TX 76129

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