"The image, in its simplicity, has no need of scholarship. It is the property of a naive consciousness; in its expression, it is youthful language."

--Gaston Bachelard,
The Poetics of Space (xix).



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I have many—perhaps too many—interests other than teacher and scholar: these "b-sides" are aspects of my personality and a reflection of my interests outside of (but not wholly independent of) my working life. I am fully aware of the risk doing something like this may have, especially given a professional audience. But I also strongly contend that we are (and by that I mean I am) much more than the standard set of identities represented by a professional portfolio, and in an effort to put flesh on bone, this section of my site is dedicated to those activities/hobbies that do just that.

Perhaps others will begin to see that there is room in our professional identities for a multifaceted look at what scholars and teachers do, and, what's more, how what they do in other parts of their lives affect their work as scholars.



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Joddy R Murray, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and New Media

English Department, Texas Christian University
2800 South University Dr
Fort Worth,
TX 76129

Updated: 8/21/11