Some Published Poems

Here are a few poems of mine that have been published and are not in my current manuscript, These Houses:


Two swallows in the venting system,
nesting, feeding, shitting...
chirping like 747s all spring.

We spread gauzy curtains
across suburban-filtered light
as meals and grocery bags click by.

We spread delicate royal frosting
and change the light—-parse it
into angled songbirds connected,

aligned, but white like crap sprayed
on the outside of our house.
There is afternoon light,
and there is a way a beak slips
from one banality to another.
Change the light and change
how our tongues touch
in each other’s mouths.

—Published in Paper Street (2009).



I want the part you will remember
            when I’m gone, aware as I am
that I have what I can take from you:
            the blue from your eyes, the sponge
from your skin, the world of your hands.
You touch as though you are painting,
            slow to fill in the outlines, borders come
            last. The small walkway stitched
next to our house, the path to a simple
sigh of a place, it’s marked with bodies,
            cool fragrant lapses of misguided
hygroscopic worms: What happens
            when the long fencing between
the body and the world
  dissolves? The only thing more open than that
is the part you keep that you can have
            even if all I know is carried with it.

—Published in The Griffin, 44 (2008), p. 15.


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