"The image, in its simplicity, has no need of scholarship. It is the property of a naive consciousness; in its expression, it is youthful language."

--Gaston Bachelard,
The Poetics of Space (xix).



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Each class I teach comes with its own challenges and opportunities. In general, my philosophy is to challenge students so they reach heights they may not have anticipated they could. I also try to incorporate as much of my own scholarly interests as seems appropriate for the course. That can mean something as small as asking students to include images with their essays, or asking students to compose hypertext or film. As long as students are engaging with image and the complexity of non-discursive composing, then my interests and the objectives of the course are in alignment.

Having said that, I teach a range of courses, from writing/composition, to rhetorical theory, to poetry. I am always pleased to see how students take-up some of my assignments, and you can view some of that work in the student gallery above.



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Joddy R Murray, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and New Media

English Department, Texas Christian University
2800 South University Dr
Fort Worth,
TX 76129

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