Current Graduate Students

Samantha Brewer
Hannah Johnston
Marianne Burnett


Welcome Kristof Pota

Visiting Hungarian-Fulbright Scholar from

University of Debrecen - Gyula Tircso Lab

Peyton Green (6), group mascot

Ph.D. Graduates: Kimberly Lincoln (Spring 2015), Paulina Gonzalez (Fall 2015)

Visiting Researchers: Kevin Chatley, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Summer 2014.

Undergraduate Students

  • Nhan Pham, Fall 2016- Present
  • Maddie Barnett, Fall 2016- Present
  • Jack Parker, Summer 2016- Present
  • Ryan Itoh, Summer 2015- Present
  • Meghen Goulet, Summer 2015- Present
  • Matthew Canipe, Spring 2015- Spring 2016
  • Zach Dekam, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
  • Brittney Chaney, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
  • Sean Rodich, Spring 2014 - present
  • Austin Green, Spring 2013 - Spring 2014
  • Travis Hayden, Spring 2013 - Fall 2014
  • Abby Moore, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013.
  • Kimberly Hyde (Co-Advisor with Giri Akkaraju), Fall 2012 -Spring 2013
  • Hunter Scarborough, Summer 2012-Spring 2014
  • Ryker Saunders, Summer 2012-Spring 2014
  • Michael Offutt, Summer 2012-Fall 2012
  • Trang Nguyen, Spring 2011-Spring 2013
  • Nicola Welch, Spring 2012
  • Lauren Rutter, Summer 2011 – Spring 2012
  • Kyle Shufelt, Fall 2011
  • Brittany Casares, Spring 2011 – Fall 2012
  • Kara Brusoski, Fall 2010-Spring 2011


  • Green_Undergraduates

High School Students

Collin Davda, Trinity Valley High School ’14, currently a chemistry major at CalTech. 

Honors College Thesis Projects

Matthew Canipe '16, Enhancing blood brain barrier permeability of Alzheimer’s therapeutic agents using glucose”. Matthew is currently in medical school at UT Southwestern.

Austin Green '16, Crystallographic evaluation of chelidamic acid congeners. Austin is currently in pharmacy school at UT Austin and recently completed a summer research project at John Hopkin's

Sean Rodoch '15 Applications of bioconjugates and peptides for the development of biosensors. After completing his M.S. degree with the Green Group, Sean is currently in medical school at Texas A&M University!

Hunter Scarborough ‘14, “Solid phase synthesis of ferrocene-biotin bioconjugates and reactivity with avidin”.   Hunter is currently in medical school at Baylor University.

Kimberly Hyde ‘13, “Cellular studies on the antioxidant and metal chelation abilities of N-heterocylic amines” Kimberly is currently in the medical school at Texas A&M University!.

Kara Brusoski, ‘11, “Ferrocene-peptide conjugates as potential biosensors for cancer biomarkers”.  Kara graduated from University of Florida Dental Program in Spring 2016 and is currently using her Dental training to serve in the U.S. Navy. Thank you for your service Kara!

Brittany Casares, ‘11, “Synthesis of Bifunctional Ligands Capable of Antioxidant Activity and Metal Sequestration”.

The Green Research Group welcomes new undergraduates

General Information:

Undergraduate students in the Green research group are expected to:

  1. Commit to a minimum of two semesters of research credit but four+ is ideal.
  2. Apply for SERC grant awards through TCU. (
  3. Comply with all safety regulation imparted by the TCU Chemistry Department and Dr. Green.
  4. Produce data to be included in a manuscript for publication.
  5. Present their research progress at:
    1. Weekly group meeting (1-2 times/semester); attendance at each group meeting is mandatory
    2. At the TCU SRS symposium held each spring. (

Undergraduate students in the Green research group are encouraged to:

  1. Produce data for their own manuscript to be published.
  2. Work in the research group beyond their required credit hours (+2 semesters).
  3. Present at National Meetings (TCU and Dr. Green will do our best support your travel).

If you are interested in working in the Green Research Group please fill out the student information form and return it to me (Dr. Green). Click here to download the form.   We can then schedule a meeting and discuss your interest.  This form helps me study for the interview.  -kg

Group Photos


Spring 2016




Spring 2015 Group Picture

Spring Group Members 2015

Student Research Symposium ~ Spring 2013 @ TCU

Trang Nguyen
Hunter Scarborough

Kimberly Hyde
kl at srs

Student Research Symposium ~ Spring 2012 @ TCU

Trang Nguyen
Kara Brusoski

Lauren Rutter
Kimberly Lincoln


248th ACS National Conference, San Fransisco (Fall 2014),

Hannah      Kimberly

summer 2014

snow daysnow2
Snow Day, 2014

The Green Group at Kincaid's Burgers, Summer 2013
(L to R): Jerry Katchinska (Honorary group member), Kayla Green, Curtis Collier, Kimberly Lincoln, Travis Hayden, Samantha Dionicio, Austin Green, Hunter Scarborough and Collin Davda (summer High School Scholar).




Our Ph.D. Family Tree

A. L. Lavoisier

C. L. Berthollet Paris, 1778

J. L. Gay-Lussac Paris, 1800

J. V. Liebig Erlangen, 1822

C. Schmidt Giessen, 1844

W. Ostwald Dorpat, 1875

A. A. Noyes Leipzig, 1890

R. G. Dickinson Cal Tech, 1920

L. C. Pauling Cal Tech, 1925

M. J. Rogers Cal Tech, 1941

T. L. Brown Michigan State University, 1956

M. Y. Darensbourg University of Illinois, 1967

Kayla N. Green Texas A&M University, 2007

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