Since most photographers are self employed a photographer must be a self-starter.

We provide the environment and opportunity for the student to learn fine art photography. Students learn by making photographs. We encourage the student to develop his/her craft and to explore ideas. Self expression is the engine that drives the creative urge. Students are given assignment that allow them to develop a working method. Students are expected to be self-educating and proactive in their studies. Attending exhibitions, lectures and seeking out photographers and other artists is an important part of photographic education.

Students learn to use their cameras, process images digitaly, print and mount or matt the photographs for exhibition. Student works are exhibited in the Moudy Bld. every semester.

In the beginning course the assignments are designed to acquaint the student with the physical controls of the medium and to build confidence and skills.

The typical assignments are: depth of field, motion, light, point of view, multiple exposure and series.

The upper level courses provide the students with the opportunity to work on projects that develop their sensibility, photographic skills and intelect. Study of the history of photography and contemporary photography is essential for photography students. In addition to the photography history class students are introduced to photographers in the classes. Students make presentations on contemporary and historic photographers as part of their photography classes. Visits to the museums and galleries allows the students to understand the art and craft of photography.