Dr. Peter Frinchaboy
Peter Frinchaboy

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Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Texas Christian University (TCU)

TCU Physics & Astronomy Graduate Director
TCU-site REU Director
SDSS-IV/V Survey Coordinator
SDSS-IV/V Management Committee
American Astronomical Society (AAS) Agent

Current Students

John Donor
Matthew Melendez
Amy Ray
(...add your name here!!...)

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Ben Thonmpson (Github)
Dr. Julia O'Connell


TCU is part of the Sloan Digintal Sky Survey (SDSS) which is ending the fourth year of SDSS-IV oberserving, including the first year of APOGEE-2 south Opperations.

TCU also has joinied SDSS-V which will opperate from 2020-2025!