Dr. Peter Frinchaboy
Peter Frinchaboy

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Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Texas Christian University (TCU)

TCU Physics & Astronomy Graduate Director
TCU REU-site Director
SDSS-IV Survey Coordinator
SDSS-V Survey Implementation Consultant
SDSS-IV/V Management Committee
Committee on INcluvisness in SDSS
SDSS-V Publications Coordinator
SDSS-V Collaboration Council
MSE Science Team member
American Astronomical Society (AAS) Agent

Current Research Group

Dr. John Donor (Postdoc)

Amy Ray (Grad)
Taylor Spoo (Grad)
Natalie Myers (Grad)

Nicole Riddle (Ugrad)
Mikayla Wilson (Ugrad)
Emilie Burnham (Ugrad)
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TCU is longtime member of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III, -IV, -V). SDSS-IV that is currently in the final year of SDSS-IV oberserving, including the third year of APOGEE-2 south Operations.

TCU is a member of SDSS-V which will opperate from 2020-2025!