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Andrew O. Fort, Professor of Religion

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Welcome to my webpage! Here is my vita.

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Here are the syllabi for my courses:

RELI 10023: Understanding Religion: The World's Religions (Fall)

RELI 10023: Understanding Religion: Worldviews and Religions (Spring)

Readings for intro course

You will find summaries of ideas and issues for the RELI 10023 exams below:

First intro summary.

Second intro summary

Chinese religions summary


RELI 20523: Finding the Founders: Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus (soph seminar)

RELI 30513: Hindu Religious Perspectives

Websites on India and Hinduism

RELI 30533: Buddhism: Thought and Practice

Websites on Buddhism

RELI 30733: Mysticism

RELI 30753 The Many Faces of Krishna

RELI 30773: India: Texts and Traditions

RELI 30970: Mindbodyness: Contemplative Movement and Reflection

Mindfulness and Modern Life

For hints about paper writing: check out paper hints

For a list of books, movies, and music that have been important to me: look at good stuff

Here are some arguments against the death penalty.

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