Oxford University Press, 2/8/2019
ISBN: 978-0190210793
SBN10: 0190210796

In Harm’s Way: A History of the American Military Experience

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In Harm's Way: A History of the American Military Experience offers a fast-paced, highly readable synthesis of modern scholarship on every era of the nation's experience in war. Authors Gene Allen Smith, David Coffey, and Kyle Longley offer a comprehensive, accurate, and nuanced account of the subject. Covering air, land, and sea power, the book provides a narrative synthesis and analysis of America's wars and military policies from colonial times to the twenty-first century.

Each chapter discusses a different time period, exploring the significant developments that changed military thought during that period and how military operations were influenced by strategic design, tactical capability, and available technology. “Issues in Military History” sections in each chapter analyze important controversies and debates in American military history, like the role of race in the Mexican War, whether the American contribution in World War I was decisive, and the dropping of the atomic bomb. In Harm's Way covers political and diplomatic challenges, social and economic changes, philosophical and ideological debates, and technological advances, but--above all--it focuses on the experiences of the American people at war..

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What others are saying about the book...

"In Harm's Way is exactly what I need for my U.S. military history course. I appreciate how the authors do equal justice to the main branches of the U.S. Armed Forces: important developments and trends in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force all receive significant attention, as do individual soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen."--David Preston, The Citadel

"In Harm's Way is a well-written, cutting-edge survey of American military history by three leading scholars in the field."--John C. McManus, Missouri University of Science and Technology

"In Harm's Way is a beautifully written narrative, with strong individual stories introducing the chapters, and many specific examples to engage readers and add depth."--Samuel J. Watson, United States Military Academy

"In Harm's Way is a very interesting, humanistic look at American military history from the first colonial days to Iraq and Afghanistan. The chapter-opening vignettes--where the authors introduce the experiences of soldiers, sailors, and marines--remind students that wars are fought on battlefields, not in offices in the capital cities of the belligerents."--Ron Milam, Texas Tech University

"In Harm's Way is a clearly written, comprehensive, and engaging history of America at war."--Heather Stur, University of Southern Mississippi