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My goal is to give you good people some objective and pragmatic explanations of the economic issues facing our great nation today. I don't give two hoots whether an idea is from a Republican, Democrat, Whig, Presbyterian, Buddhist, Rastafarian, or even one of them Eastern dandies. If it's logical and reasonable, then I'm as happy as a weasel in a hen house to tell you all about it.

Please peruse the resources below.

Informational videos (on the youtubes)

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, where I post both Cowboy Economist insights and classroom lectures. I wouldn't worry so much about the latter as I have to pretend I'm a boring college professor in those. Apparently, I'm pretty good at that.

In this sample video I teach you how to spot a socialist:

This'll take you to my YouTube channel:

Pragmatic ponderings (hosted by

The good folks at have been hosting a blog for me for going on a decade. There, you will find my musings about such issues as the debt and deficit (turns out the US can't possibly go bankrupt--of course not, we're AMERICA!), Social Security solvency (only the politicians could destroy it), and the economics discipline (I'm embarrassed to say that it contributed to the Financial Crisis of 2008).

Here are some examples:

It Is Impossible For The US To Default

Why Social Security Cannot Go Bankrupt

Five Reasons You Should Blame Economists

Money Growth Cannot Cause Inflation!

This'll take you to my blog:

Book Writin' (on

I have a lot of thoughts while I'm riding the fence line, looking for strays and rustlers. I've written some of these down in book form.

I wrote this one to explain different schools of thought in economics and why we should be allowing students to learn more about them. It's a relatively easy read (click on the picture to go to the Amazon page):

I wrote this one to explain how currency prices fluctuate. It's fairly technical and not an easy read (click on the picture to go to the Amazon page):

Here's my Amazon author page it also includes a couple of volumes I edited with my pardners:

Scholarly Stuff (on

When I'm not writing for decent, common folk, I sometimes put pen to paper and hash it out with those Eastern dandies. I believe I have--in my humble opinion--been able to masquerade as one of them quite well. My favorite topics are exchange rates, business cycles, and why they are dandies.

Here are a couple of my most recent forays:

Using the General Theory to explain the U.S. business cycle, 1950-2009 (published 2014 in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics)

Intermediate macroeconomics: The importance of being post Keynesian (published 2018 in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics)

An Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics: Involuntary Unemployment With Perfectly Flexible Wages and Prices (published 2016 in The American Economist)

This'll take you to my ResearchGate page:

Social Media (Facetube, Tweety, and so on)

When I wind down in the evening with a cold mug of beer next to our roaring fireplace, I sometimes like to get on my TRS-80 computer and communicate with my friends and colleagues via the World Wide Web. Please find below links to my Cowboy Economist Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus my professional home page at Texas Christian University.

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