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Bookcover of The Philosophy of Improvisation
The Philosophy of Improvisation
by Gary Peters


Bookcover of Contemporary Chinese Poetry
New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry
by Ming Li


Achebe cover
Dear Committee Members: A Novel
by Julie Schumacher


"The image, in its simplicity, has no need of scholarship. It is the property of a naive consciousness; in its expression, it is youthful language."

--Gaston Bachelard,
The Poetics of Space (xix).



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Creating Learning

It is in an effort to ascribe personal effort towards both of these ordinary terms that I write, compose, create, listen, confer, collaborate, and teach. Neither one comes before the other, and neither one is more important than the other. As individual terms, they each ring their own note: to create is to confound existence, to manipulate space and time, to bend will and volition into life; to learn is to absorb the sun, to be with others and empathize, to eradicate fear and despair, to grow. Together these two terms provide an even greater possibility: perhaps "create learning" refers to how we might become lifelong artists of the mind with all its quintessential images.

But I refuse to represent myself as just the sum of parts, and it is the case that from day to day I have reinvent the idea of my work, my creativity, my learning. Some of the first questions remain.

Nevertheless, the obligatory labels must follow: I am an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and New Media at Texas Christian University. My interests are in language theory, new media, multimodal composition, and the affective domain—all of which come together in the rhetorical analysis of image and imagination. I am also a publishing poet, working mostly in the lyrical realm.

Recently, I am not the Director for Critical and Creative Expression (ICCE), housing the New Media Writing Center.


Cinematic Rhetoric

I am currently revising a new digital book (ePub) titled Kinematic Rhetoric: Non-discursive Time-Affect Images in Motion.



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Joddy R Murray, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and New Media

English Department, Texas Christian University
2800 South University Dr
Fort Worth,
TX 76129

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