Paul E. King, Professor

Department of Communication Studies
Brief Professional Summary





College of Fine Arts and Communication winner and University finalist for the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching, and for the Dean's Teaching Award. Dr. King teaches listening, communication ethics, communication education, and communication in social cognition. For many years, King taught argumentation and debate (and he still loves a good argument!), consequently, he enjoys classes with a strong component of deliberation and dialogue, such as Communication Ethics. However, such is not the case in his listening class, where Dr. King channels impressions of talk show hosts and thoroughly indulges his goofy side (somewhat compensating for the rather nerdy emphasis on information processing found in the class).


Widely published in leading academic journals, including Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Communication Quarterly, Communication Education, Journal of Writing and Technical Communication, and others, Dr. King maintains an active program of scholarly research and publication in the areas of information processing, message generation, and communication education. Many of Dr. King's conference papers have won distinction as top papers by the National Communication Association and the Southern States Communication Association. In a study published by the Online Institute of Communication Research, Dr. King ranks in the top 2% of published communication scholars in terms of productivity.


King served as Chair of the Communication Studies Department (1991-1996, 2009-2015) and was Chair of the TCU Faculty Senate (1992-1993). Dr. King has served extensively in TCU committee assignments and in positions within professional associations. Longtime member and sometimes chair of the TCU mediator’s committee, King has received training as a mediator (in compliance with Title 7, Chapter 154, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, and consistent with the Texas Mediation Trainer Roundtable Annotated Standards) and frequently mediates disputes for TCU HR. He has served as a reviewer for many of the top journals in communication studies and maintains editorial board memberships for journals such as Communication Education, Western Journal of Communication, and Communication Reports.

Expertise of interest to the media:
Communication ethics (first amendment rights, hate speech, etc.)
Information overload, information management
Communication research

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