Documents for Academic Program Review

Text of Self Study Report

Previous Self Study (2002)

Basic Speech Assessment Plan

Appendix 1 (catalog copy)

Appendix 2 (review of our M.S. program)

Appendix 3 (detailed assessment report)

Appendix 4 (forensics program report)

Appendix 5 (public speaking and international initiatives)

Appendix 6 (current COMM profiles and trends report)

Appendix 7 (department TP&G document)

Appendix 8 (COMM master plan: 2012-2017)

Appendix 9 (policy on instructors)

Appendix 10 (review of tenured faculty)

Link to curriculum vita for department faculty

During the past few years, we have (among other things):

*Developed a forensics program with an emerging national reputation
*Fashioned our fall Wisdom Award into an impressive contest, open to all TCU students, with impressive winners
*Developed an international studies program, traveling to UK, Italy, and soon-to-be intercultural communication class in China
*Doubled the size of our faculty
*Achieved a reputation as the top M.S. Granting program in the U.S. (ranked among the top 5 PhD granting programs in scholarship)
*Hosted the Irish national debate team, a debate for State Senate, and (this spring) a reprise of the famous debate with the Wiley College national champion team (seen in Denzel Washington’s The Great Debaters)
*Developed a matriculation policy that has stabilized our enrollment and significantly increased indications of quality among undergraduate students
*Placed our M.S. students in some of the nation’s top PhD programs. In several recent cases, our students theses have been published in higher quality outlets than their later dissertations!
*Equipped and maintained a multi-use laboratory for behavioral research, observation (focus groups), etc.
*Developed an ambitious 5 year master plan, a policy governing appointments at the rank of instructor, a policy for review of tenured faculty, and a policy for multi-layer assessment of teaching
*Maintained extremely high levels of productivity (slightly over half of the CHP for the Bob Schieffer College of Communication in 2014) while also solving previous problems related to student inability to enroll in courses needed for graduation