Welch Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Welch Foundation provides a fellowship for funding. If you are interested in working with PI Green to submit an application, please reach out!       


The TCU Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Program is currently accepting applications for new graduate students!

Students accepted to our program will be offered a competitive stipend and insurance support. Since TCU is a private institution, a separate award covering the cost of tuition is also provided. We feel that our fellowships and tuition awards are extremely competitive with comparable institutions; for more information please contact the department (chemistry@tcu.edu or call 817-257-7195).

Apply to our graduate program here. Find more details about our program here.

More information about ongoing Green Group Projects can be found here.

Information for undergraduate students interested in joining the Green Group

Undergraduate students in the Green research group are expected to:

  1. Commit to a minimum of two semesters of research credit but four+ is ideal. Summer time is also highly encouraged. Priority will be given to students who are willing to invest long-term in research progress.
  2. Apply for SERC grant awards through TCU.
  3. Comply with all safety regulation imparted by the TCU Chemistry Department and Dr. Green.
  4. Produce data to be included in a manuscript for publication.
  5. Present their research progress at:
    1. Weekly group meeting (1-2 times/semester); attendance at each group meeting is mandatory
    2. At the TCU SRS symposium held each spring.

Undergraduate students in the Green research group are encouraged to:

  1. Produce data for their own manuscript to be published.
  2. Work in the research group beyond their required credit hours (+2 semesters).
  3. Present at National Meetings (TCU and Dr. Green will do our best support your travel).

If you are interested in working in the Green Research Group please fill out the student information form and return it to me (Dr. Green). We can then schedule a meeting and discuss your interest.  This form helps me study for the interview. 

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